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“If the First Republic was achieved through the telegraph,
the 25th of April was achieved through the radio”. – Captain Salgueiro Maia


This quote from one of the great leaders of the 25th April 1974 Revolution illustrates the powerful role that radio had in the Carnation Revolution. Therefore, there are few places where its fiftieth anniversary can be celebrated with such resonance as Longueur d’ondes – festival de la radio et de l’écoute, one of the largest radio festivals in the world, which is dedicating a section of its 2024 edition to celebrating the anniversary of this revolution.

Founded in 2002, the Longueur d’ondes Festival soon became the largest French-speaking radio festival, making Brest one of the world’s radio capitals.

The event “Les Œillets de la radio” will run from February to May 2024. There will be 12 sessions, 15 guests and in 2 emblematic locations: Brest – Longueur d’ondes Festival and Lisbon – Museu do Aljube: Museum of Resistance and Freedom.

This event will include listening sessions, round tables talks, sessions for school audiences and a podcast series.


Curated by: André Cunha & Festival Longueur d’ondes
Co-production: Longueur d’ondes & SERENA Productions
Partners: Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua; Museu do Aljube & Observatório da Canção de Protesto
Guests: Adelino Gomes, André Cunha, Elsa Cornevin, Fernando Alves, Francisco Fanhais, Irene Aurora Paci, Irene Flunser Pimentel, Isabel Meira, João Brites, Kaye Mortley, Luísa Semedo, Pedro Rosa Mendes, Quentin Burel, Victor Pereira

To read more about the program, please refer to our digital brochure [PT]

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