Un film de Paula Palacios

“My Brother Ali” is a documentary by Paula Palacios. It delves into the incredible and troubled story of Ali, a young Somali boy who left his homeland at the age of 14 to escape the war. While trying to cross the border into the EU, he is detained in Ukraine. Ali believes that a camera can help him get out of his situation. Thus begins the connection between him and the filmmaker who will accompany him on his journey halfway across the world.


Filmed over several years, “My Brother Ali” portrays the personal growth of a young boy in an uncertain world. The dreamlike dimension of the filme is evoked through Catarina Calvinho Gil’s animations and Anne Victorino d’Almeida’s original music.


At a time when the world continues to face great challenges and build walls, Ali’s story intertwines with that of the wars that we’ve been witnessing in the past decade.


The project has already received several accolades throughout its development. It has been selected as “Spotlighted Project” at Cannes Docs, and simultaneously received the distinction of Best Documentary Feature Film Project. Paula Palacios also received the IDA/Netflix Award for Best Emerging Global Filmmaker.


A co-production: Morada Films & SERENA Productions
Expected premiere: 2024